Music School

The proposal reengages the residual void left by de-industrialization along South Boston’s Fort Point Channel and imagines a new temporal relationship between building and water edge. Cantilevered over the water, the structure is an elevated performance space enclosed by a thinly structured translucent façade. The building blurs its relationship to city skyline and adjacent local context. Arranged along a central atrium that interconnects the spaces vertically, the program is designed as a series of stacked volumes punctuated by voids that mediate between open and closed learning spaces. Performance rooms and classrooms are placed around a series of semi-outdoor courtyards, while the central atrium provide additional light and public circulation throughout. NEW SAVE_flatten fin MUSIC SCHOOL_CONTEXT VIEW MAP diagram1diagram2 sm


section_recover Model (1)

Location: South Boston, MA
Type: Music School
Scale: 50,000 sq.ft.
Date: 20012

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