Arts & Science

The new Arts & Science Center is located at the physical boundary between the city of Allston and Harvard University. The Urban Proposal situates the new campus plan along Western Ave. looped between academic, commercial, and ecological zones. The site reflects the existing street grid by reconnecting key access points of the site and extending a mixture of park and grasslands to the adjacent southern parcel of the site.


The current campus plan consists of high end apartment housing, research facilities, and commercial services loosely blended along the existing Alston city grid. In this perspective, the new campus plan is not a homogeneous fabric but a mixed master plan situated between socio-economic conditions of an international research institution and a local urban fabric. Therefore, the success of this proposal lies with understanding the patchwork composition between existing buildings and the rapidly expanding Harvard Campus. This contextual proposal seeks to reengage the residual voids left by industrial decline in the Alston neighborhood and to reconsider new relationships between land use and campus planning.


DIAGRAM1wUntitled-17 DIAGRAM234




Location: Alston, MA
Scale: 120,000 ft2
Critic: John Hong, Harvard GSD
Date: 2007

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