Fenway Station

Located in Boston’s densely developed Fenway neighborhood, the site offers a lot of interesting and challenging conditions. Studying the various shopping, transportation, and leisure activities that occur around the site throughout the year, these urban maps suggests opportunities for a building proposal that can accommodate a range of different functions throughout the year. The aim of the project seeks to maintain the character of the site while linking the various functions into a flexible framework that can allow for future growth.


grid diagram


The design solution is the formation of a single armature that connects physical and visual adjacencies along the site. The buildings runs along the existing rail line while the elevated program slab slopes toward the edge of the existing marsh. The design defines a strong outer profile while allowing for flexible interior functions. The transparency of the eggshell structure reveals a collection of galleries, office rooms and transport facilities which allows visitors to become active participants of the buildings daily use.

new rendering



C:UsersCheyneDesktopWWWWWW Model (1)C:UsersseniorDesktopsection_recover Work (1)fenway-section
Location: Fenway Boston
Type: Transport
Scale: 40,000 ft2
Critic: Joe MacDonald, Harvard GSD
Date: 2006

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